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Distinguished Faculty

Zviad Kliment Lazarashvili, J.D., Ph.D.
President of Georgian International University

President of Georgian International University is the internationally renowned American political theorist and economist who has served as a director and/or consultant to several American and European companies, organizations and universities, lecturer on free markets and individual civil liberties in America and Europe, laureate of the Plato Gold Medal of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, and the author of numerous books on political science, philosophy and economics, Dr. Zviad Kliment Lazarashvili. Dr. Zviad Lazarashvili under full scholarship earned his B.S., with a concentration in Economics, from Tbilisi State University of Economic Relations and Law of Georgia, and Law degree from the Educational University Rvali. Dr. Lazarashvili earned the highest academic honor in Europe, Doctor Academician, with a concentration in political science and specialization in American Studies, from Georgian International Academy. Dr. Lazarashvili earned his second Ph.D. from Georgian International Academy, with a concentration in economics and specialization in American political economy. Dr. Zviad Lazarashvili is also a member Academician of the prestigious Lezhava Academy of Sciences of Europe.

George P. Stasen, Ph.D.
Provost of Georgian International University

Provost of Georgian International University is the prominent American economist and financier who has served as a director and/or advisor to government units, foundations, investment companies, private companies and public corporations, as well as professor of economics and corporate finance, Dr. George Stasen. Dr. Stasen earned his B.S. from Drexel University with a concentration in Economics and was subsequently awarded a fellowship and earned an MBA from Drexel University. Dr. George Stasen earned his Ph.D. in Economics from Georgian International Academy.

Chieke E. Ihejirika, Ph.D.
Secretary of the GIU Press

Since 2011 Dr. Ihejerika is serving as the Secretary of the Georgian International University Press. Dr. Ihejirika is an internationally renowned African born American political theorist with a distinguished academic background from Temple University (Pennsylvania), the University of Waterloo (Canada) and the University of Leuven (Belgium). In the last fifteen years he has served as a graduate teaching fellow at Temple, and served as a political science professor at Drexel University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and Avila University in Kansas City.

Dr. Academician Gari T. Chapidze,
Dean of Graduate Studies of Georgian International University

Dean of Graduate Studies of Georgian International University is the world renowned academic figure in political science, pedagogy and journalism who, throughout his distinguished career, has served as the president of several European universities, national and regional newspapers, and pedagogic societies, Doctor Academician Gari T. Chapidze. Dr. Chapidze is the author of over seventy scholastic books which have been widely accepted in scientific and academic circles of Europe and now the United States. He is an Academician and a full member of several national academies of sciences of Europe. Doctor Academician Gari T. Chapidze earned several advanced graduate and post graduate degrees from the best schools in Europe, including the Lomonosov Moscow State University, the Fazisi Academy of Sciences and the Georgian National Academy of Sciences. Dr. Gari Chapidze is the winner of several academic prizes and medals: the Medal of Honor of Georgia (2003), the Gogebashvili Medal (1993 and 2000), the Ilia Chavchavadze Prize and Medal (2003), the Akaki Tsereteli Prize and Medal (2003), the Tabidze Prize and Medal (2005), the Plato Gold Medal of Ukraine (2010), the Guramishvili Prize and Medal (2010), the Georgia-Ukraine Medal of Friendship (2010), the International Science Medal of Georgia (2007 and 2008), and the National Gold Medal of Georgia for Accomplishments in Public Education (2008).

Christine Capocasale, M.S. in Education
Dean of Curriculum Development

Dean Christine Capocasale has been the principal advisor of curriculum development from the very innception of many new programs now offered at Georgian International University. Dean Capocasale earned her B.A. with a concentration in history from Wheaton College of Massachusetts, and her Master of Science degree with a concentration in education from the University of Pennsylvania. She is a winner of numerous national awards and scholarships, including the prestigious Katherine Langsdorf Friedlich, Irma and Weiand Cole Memorial and Wheaton Alumnae scholarships. Her pioneering and award-winning curricula and researches on modern pedagogy have been influencing academic policies of major educational institutions in the United States and Europe.

Cathy Lambert, M.S. and C.C.M. in Psychology
Dean of Curriculum Development

Dean Cathy Lambert has been the principal advisor of curriculum development at the Jungian School of Psychology since 2012. Due to Dean Lambert’s strong background in applied aspects of analytical psychology and her hands-on expertise in organizational psychology our curricula have been reshaped to reflect practical side of the field of psychology, while strengthening and promulgating theoretical basis of the academic discipline. Dean Cathy Lambert earned her B.S. in Nutrition from Indiana University of South Bend, M.S.W. from Western Michigan University, and C.C.M. with full certification from Manchester College. Along with the extensive academic background in psychology, Dean Cathy Lambert has twelve years of experience in private practice and hospital neuroscience.

Non-discriminatory Policy: Georgian International University, in compliance with Title IX of the Education Amendment of 1972 and other Civil Rights laws, offers equal opportunity for admission and employment. The programs and activities of the University are offered to all students without regard to race, color, national origin, religion, age, sex, or physical disability. Disclaimer: Georgian International University reserves the right to change or amend the policies, rules, regulation and procedures described in this bulletin and/or website. The calendar, course requirements and descriptions, tuition and fees are also subject to change.

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