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Since 1812

Hayek School of Economics
Gari School of Government & International Politics
Mathewson School of Education
Solon School of Justice
Jungian School of Psychology
Academy of Iberian Philosophy

Doctoral Degree Programs

Georgian International University consists of six graduate schools: the Hayek School of Economics, the Gari School of Government and International Politics, the Mathewson School of Education, the Solon School of Justice, the Jungian School of Psychology, and the Academy of Iberian Philosophy. Qualified individuals who wish to enroll in the university to take courses or to conduct research should review the various options available through the six graduate schools of Georgian International University. The schools are independent and highly specialized academic institutions within Georgian International University. Our mission is to provide intellectual autonomy in order to achieve greater educational and scholastic success in each unique field of study. Each school within Georgian International University has its own distinct academic culture, tradition and scholastic approach.

Georgian International University offers several Doctoral programs. The programs are highly concentrated, with the emphases on academic excellence, as well as professional aptitude. In many cases, students are awarded Master of Science (M.S.) degrees en route to the doctorate. The Board of Governors of the University, as well as its distinguished academic faculty, strongly believes in the professional specialization in conjunction with the academic scholasticism. The programs are carefully designed to address professional demands of vibrant economic and academic communities in America and in the world. This philosophy is fully reflected in field-specific Doctoral programs offered at GIU, such as Doctor of Juridical Science (J.S.D.), Doctor of Education (Ed.D.), Doctor of Psychology (Psy.D.), as well as Ph.D. degrees in numerous disciplines.

Non-discriminatory Policy: Georgian International University, in compliance with Title IX of the Education Amendment of 1972 and other Civil Rights laws, offers equal opportunity for admission and employment. The programs and activities of the University are offered to all students without regard to race, color, national origin, religion, age, sex, or physical disability. Disclaimer: Georgian International University reserves the right to change or amend the policies, rules, regulation and procedures described in this bulletin and/or website. The calendar, course requirements and descriptions, tuition and fees are also subject to change.

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