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News and Recent Milestones

The Eucen
July 2012
Georgian International University joins the European Association for Lifelong Learning (EUCEN) as an Associate member. The EUCEN is one of the largest European inter-collegiate associations.

Voice of America
January 2012
The President of Georgian International University, Dr. Zviad Kliment Lazarashvili gives an extensive interview on Voice of America, Washington, DC. The interview focuses on contributions of Georgian immigrants to American culture, Academia and economy.

The Hellenic University Club of Philadelphia
December 2011
A short interview with the Provost of Georgian International University, George Stasen, appears in the newsletter of the Hellenic University Club of Philadelphia, December 2011 issue. Provost George Stasen. Ph.D. discussed the latest milestones of Georgian International University and the Georgian International University Press.

Winford B. Johnson Scholarship
May 31, 2011
Georgian International University has completed successfully the qualification process and obtained the authorization to offer Winford B. Johnson Scholarship. This is a career specific scholarship, awarded to students planning to pursue a doctoral level program at the Solon School of Justice. This scholarship is awarded on the basis of various criteria reflecting the values and purposes of the donor and the founder of the award, a prominent twentieth century American chemical engineer, Dr. Winford B. Johnson (1912-2009) of Yale University.

GIU Press Classics Series
May 12, 2011
Georgian International University Press launches its new and improved Classics Series. This newest venture of GIU Press aims at reproducing classics of philosophy, political theory, psychology, pedagogy, literature, economics and other disciplines in fully annotated, academic and comprehensive formats which will be used as scholastic textbooks at Georgian International University, as well as other graduate schools nationally. As the President of Georgian International University, Dr. Zviad Lazarashvili mentioned in a recent TV interview: "At the same time our goal is to mass-produce such timeless classics at the most affordable prices, and with that serve not only scholastic interests of the American academic community, but public interests as well."

The GIU Press Classics Series will include the immutable masterpieces which have greatly influenced the mankind, such as: English, Georgian and Greek Orthodox editions of The Bible, The Pilgrim’s Progress by John Bunyan, Complete Works of Socrates and Plato, A Matter of Pride and Michael Torey by Janet Mathewson, Essays of Henry David Thoreau and many others. GIU Press Classics Series will be sold at major national book stores, such as the Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

American Attestation Program (AAP)
For Georgian Teachers and Psychologists
May 11, 2011

Georgian International University is committed to helping all developing countries, advancing pedagogy around the world and advocating for incorporating moral values in education globally. Since May 2011 the Mathewson School of Education and the Jungian School of Psychology are conducting the American Attestation Program for Georgian Teachers and Psychologists. As the President of Georgian International University, Dr. Zviad Lazarashvili, stated at the latest press conference: "Our goal is to help teachers and psychologists in the Republic of Georgia to get the quality American education and successfully to expedite the subsequent teacher certification."

Georgian International University is actively engaged with the Jacob Gogebashvili Society of Georgia in the newest Georgian-American joint venture “The American Attestation Program for Georgian Teachers and Psychologists”. Commencing in May 2011, Georgian teachers and school psychologists will be able to take in-class and online courses at the Mathewson School of Education and the Jungian School of Psychology. Georgian teachers will be able to enroll and study online from comforts of their homes in Georgia, and also take in-class exams, participate in seminars and lectures at several testing centers Georgian International University has set up throughout the country of Georgia. They will be taught by award-winning American educators, scholars and pedagogy professors. The program graduates will receive Georgian International University diplomas and transcripts with all due honors and recognitions. Teachers will be certified through the Mathewson School of Education, while school psychologists will be certified through the Jungian School of Psychology.

The Laissez-faire Medal of Liberty
March 9, 2011

Georgian International University “for its contributions to promoting ideas of Economic and Civil Liberties” was recognized by the Laissez-Faire Fraternity, the Economic Society of America. The Hayek School of Economics and the Gari School of Government and International Politics were jointly awarded the prestigious Medal of Liberty on March 9, 2011. Dr. Chieke E. Ihejirika, the Dean of Georgian International University’s Gari School of Government and International Politics, attended the ceremony and accepted the honors on behalf of the university. The Laissez-Faire Fraternity is the American-European think tank that conducts independent researches, provides consultancies and engages in advocacy in areas of economic growth, freedom and liberty in the world, assuring a pluralistic, open and accountable process of policy analyses, decision-making and evaluation of economic and human liberties issues on the global scale.

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