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Master of Science Programs

The Solon School of Justice offers several Master of Science (M.S.) degree programs in the fields of criminal justice, juridical sciences and paralegal studies. Our M.S. programs involve applied and practical approaches to legal theories. We place emphases on juridical sciences, international jurisprudence and criminal justice. Most of our graduates pursue careers in government, international organizations, or private legal practices; others remain in academic environment and further their education on a doctoral level and participate in research and teaching.

You will get an opportunity to experience a most dynamic learning environment with the latest researches and advancements in legal sciences available to you in-class or online. As a student you will be in the midst of a living-learning community which offers immersive learning, research opportunities, and real world internships at high profile firms and universities throughout the world, including Europe. You will gain an understanding of the dimensions and causes of crime, the structure of American and international justice systems, and different philosophies and practices of jurisprudence.

Our illustrious faculty is committed to teaching the law and juridical sciences from a practical standpoint, while at the same time placing importance on historical and holistic theoretical perspectives: classes on modern justice systems and the Anglo-Saxon legal theory are twined with lectures on the Christian Canon, Solon’s constitutional reforms of antiquity, and the Iberian jurisprudence. Our programs reflect dynamism of today's juridical environment. We are proud to be among the select law schools that offer a rare and coveted graduate degree in paralegal studies.

The Solon School of Justice also offers more than just the traditional online experience. It combines in-class seminars and examinations with online guidance. We provide our graduate students with valuable extra-curricular opportunities to exchange ideas with high-profile lawyers and prominent legal scholars, participate in ethics, moral and legal debates, take part in international simulation competitions, and attend the ESAP ‑ the European Study Abroad Program of Georgian International University which gives our students unique opportunities to study, as well as teach in Europe and receive full certifications and dual degrees from premier European academic institutions.


M.S. in International Jurisprudence
M.S. in Criminal Justice
M.S. in Paralegal Science

We admit Master of Science (M.S.) students on a quarterly basis. The Solon School of Justice welcomes international students, as well as transfer students into the M.S. programs.

Non-discriminatory Policy: Georgian International University, in compliance with Title IX of the Education Amendment of 1972 and other Civil Rights laws, offers equal opportunity for admission and employment. The programs and activities of the University are offered to all students without regard to race, color, national origin, religion, age, sex, or physical disability. Disclaimer: Georgian International University reserves the right to change or amend the policies, rules, regulation and procedures described in this bulletin and/or website. The calendar, course requirements and descriptions, tuition and fees are also subject to change.

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