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GIU Graduates
GIU Graduates
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We develop scholars who lead

Georgian International University (GIU) is home to a diverse community of accomplished graduate students, post-graduate scholars, distinguished faculty and professional staff committed to bringing quality European-style graduate education to American students. Our innovative methods of teaching combine dialog and technology. Academics at GIU reflect our Orthodox Christian tradition of educating society holistically and helping the world community in building moral citizens.

Georgian International University faculty consists of senior level American professors who are leaders in their fields of study and have made significant contributions to scholarship and science. Many of our faculty members also hold advanced post-graduate degrees from prestigious European universities. Our talented, dedicated and award-winning faculty makes Georgian International University a premier research and teaching institution.

The Board of Governors of Georgian International University strongly believe that economic adversity should not prevent applicants with exceptional talent and ability from pursuing academic excellence. President and Provost, as well as the faculty and administrative staff of the university, are dedicated to advancing scholarship, education and science by offering exceptional applicants opportunities to conduct innovative studies and pioneering academic research at Georgian International University. We are committed to extending opportunities to our students and researchers by offering several merit-based and career-specific scholarships for tuition and research, including the prestigious Laissez-Faire Fraternity Scholarship offered by the Laissez-Faire Fraternity, the Economic Society of the United States of America. Students who meet our requirements can earn scholarships up to 100% of their tuition. We also offer Winford B. Johnson, Henry David Thoreau, and Janet Mathewson memorial scholarships.

Georgian International University has established academic partnerships with several prestigious European and American universities. This provides an opportunity to offer the European Study Abroad Program (ESAP) to our graduate students. The European Study Abroad Program (ESAP) is designed to provide a comprehensive global scholarship experience to our graduate students. The ESAP also helps our students prepare for today’ competitive and diverse job market.

Georgian International University Press (GIU Press) is a pioneering university press. It is proudly dedicated to the academic enlightenment of the students, as well as the general public, in the United States and around the globe. GIU Press Classics are available at major US booksellers, such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble. GIU Press Classics are sold worldwide, in France, Germany, Georgia, Spain, Finland, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, India, China, the Russian Federation, the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia.

Our goal is to develop scholars who, along with thinking, teaching and theorizing in an academic environment, are also capable of doing, achieving and leading. Thank you for your interest in Georgian International University. The rest of the website contains general guidelines and information on our schools and programs.