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The Hayek School of Economics Doctoral

Doctoral Programs

Thank you for choosing to explore the Hayek School of Economics’ doctoral programs. Our mission is to develop future intellectual leaders in their respective fields. Our graduates have obtained faculty positions at a number of top U.S. and European Universities. Many of our graduates, however, have successfully applied their training to non-academic fields, pursuing distinguished careers in government, international organizations and private sector. We strive to develop functional economists, not mathematicians. That is why the Hayek School of Economics’ doctoral programs provide a greater degree of focus on the fields of economics, political economy, finance, marketing and management. Due to such rigorous curricula, many of our graduates successfully pursue careers in top universities to apply and promulgate their knowledge in academic research and teaching, others engage in government, international organizations or private and public enterprises.

Our faculty is comprised only of exceptional academics. Becoming a faculty member at the Hayek School of Economics is a highly selective process. Our faculty predominantly consists of senior level American professors who are leaders in their fields of study and have made significant contributions to the scholarship and science of economics and its subfields. Many of our faculty members also hold advanced post-graduate degrees from prestigious European universities.

The Hayek School of Economics takes a global approach to education. We frequently recruit senior level academics from Europe in order to provide critical expertise in certain areas of study, such as foreign perspectives, globalization, international financial and economic organizations, international relations and political science. The faculty boasts of several eminent European professors and Doctor Academicians, which is the highest academic honor in Europe.


The Hayek School of Economics offers more than just the traditional online experience. It combines in-class seminars and examinations with online guidance. The Hayek School of Economics provides the doctoral candidates with valuable extracurricular opportunities to exchange ideas with high-level executives, participate in business simulation competitions, and the attend ESAP ‑ the European Study Abroad Program of Georgian International University which gives our students unique opportunities to study, as well as teach in Europe, and receive full certifications and dual degrees from premier European academic institutions. Attending the ESAP is not mandatory for most programs, but it is always highly recommended. This will allow our candidates to become closely acquainted with international academic and economic cultures, people and unique economic philosophies, traditions and viewpoints of different nations.