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The Iberian Academy of Philosophy MS

Master of Science Programs

We are happy that you are showing interest in the Master of Science (M.S.) programs in the long-forgotten and abandoned discipline of Philosophy. To be drawn to the non-trade oriented education, and to be inclined to explore the most important aspects of human and divine nature, is an accomplishment on its own. The Academy of Iberian Philosophy is the oldest school of philosophy in the world, with rich European history which traces its roots all the way to Plato’s family and the country of Iberia. The Academy of Iberian Philosophy is very distinct from other graduate schools of philosophy, as here we place emphases on the Iberian credo, classical Neo-Platonist academic values and Christian Orthodox theology. We are the only graduate school nationally to offer Master of Science (M.S.) and doctoral studies in Georgianology.

Our Master of Science programs are designed to help promulgate inquiry into human and divine natures. Even though these programs are comprised of theoretical courses in different areas of philosophy, their ultimate aim is molding the graduates of the Academy of Iberian Philosophy into enthusiastic, zestful and practical citizens who are fully resolved on benefiting the mankind not only through abstract theoretical discussions, but rather through vigorous, concrete and actual efforts. We strive to give our students all the necessary scholastic tools to become highly moral, intellectual and political or academic leaders, and truly distinguished global citizens, ‑ active citizens that is. Our mission is to develop future intellectual leaders for America and the world.

The Master of Science programs at the Academy of Iberian Philosophy are wide-ranging. We are dedicated to offering the subject of philosophy from the global and historical perspectives. However important Western philosophy may be, we offer highly concentrated courses beyond the European mindset and mode of thinking. We place major emphases on pre-Indo-European ideologies, such as the Iberian, Mesopotamian and Hebrew philosophies, which have had major influences on the modern world. We also offer rigorous curricula in the Christian Orthodox theology, Neo-Platonism, Roman (Trojan) philosophy, the Avesta, the Upanishads, American Humanism, Confucianism, Taoism, Davitianology and Rustvelologi.

Graduates of the Academy of Iberian Philosophy are people of exceptional ability who are able to think and act strategically. Precisely due to our faculty’s diligent approach, our M.S. program graduates have obtained leadership positions in government offices and large corporations, as well as most premier universities in the United States and Europe.

Global Experience and Study Abroad

The Academy of Iberian Philosophy offers more than just the traditional online experience. It combines in-class seminars and examinations with online guidance. It provides our graduate students with valuable extracurricular opportunities to exchange ideas with renowned philosophers, participate in moral debates, and attend the ESAP ‑ the European Study Abroad Program of Georgian International University which gives our students unique opportunities to study, as well as teach in Europe, and receive full certifications and dual degrees from premier European academic institutions. Attending the ESAP is not mandatory for most programs, but it is highly recommended. This will allow the candidates to become closely acquainted with international academic and philosophical cultures, people and unique philosophies, traditions and viewpoints of different nations and civilizations.



We admit M.S. students on a quarterly basis. The Academy of Iberian Philosophy welcomes international students, as well as transfer students into its M.S. programs.