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The Mathewson School of Education

The primary mission of Georgian International University’s Mathewson School of Education is to prepare highly qualified educators for schools and highly learned academics in various subfields of pedagogy for colleges and universities. Our graduates are scholars, innovators, problem-solvers and creative thinkers. The Mathewson School of Education at Georgian International University supports the university as a national center for pedagogic excellence in both, academic research and teaching pedagogy. The school also has a significant international presence. We offer numerous collaborative projects with school districts throughout the world. The award-winning faculty, the richly diverse programs and the student body represent our greatest strengths.

The Mathewson School of Education bears the name of the prominent 20th century New England educator, philosopher, novelist and poet, Dr. Janet Mathewson (1914-2002) of Yale University. Her pioneering writings, which include Michael Torey and A Matter of Pride, have been influencing some of the best academic and pedagogic minds for many decades. We proudly emulate the Christian Orthodox and New England values that make up the greatest part of the Mathewsonian pedagogy and its teaching philosophy, which, on the one hand, trace their roots to the Colonial days of the conception of our great nation, ‑ to the second sailing of the Mayflower, General Champion of the Revolutionary War and Americas fight for independence; and, on the other hand, to the ancient Caucasian culture of the Iberians (Mushkis), with its pre-Christian Pro-Methean enlightenment, pedagogy of proto-Georgian people of the Titanic background and the Georgian Orthodox philosophy of the same Iberian people.

The Mathewson School of Education offers several Master of Science (M.S.) and doctoral programs which prepare students for careers that play essential roles to the solution of important educational problems, either through theoretical research or applied pedagogy. Our graduate students work closely with the leading scholars in education and gradually develop their own methodologies and approaches to pedagogy.

The Mathewson School of Education offers more than just the traditional online experience. It combines in-class seminars and examinations with online guidance. It provides its Master of Science and doctoral students with valuable extra-curricular opportunities to exchange ideas with expert educators, participate in international pedagogic seminars and debates, and attend the ESAP ‑ the European Study Abroad Program of Georgian International University which gives our graduate students unique opportunities to study, as well as teach in Europe, and receive full certifications and dual degrees from premier European academic institutions. Read more on the ESAP.

The Mathewson School of Education is committed to helping the developing countries, advancing pedagogy around the world and advocating globally for incorporating moral values in education. In 2011 the Mathewson School of Education and the Jungian School of Psychology jointly commenced the American Teacher Attestation Program for Georgian teachers and school psychologists. Our goal is to help teachers and developmental psychologists in Georgia get quality American education and successfully to expedite the subsequent teacher certification.