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The School of Cognitive and Behavioral Psychology

School of Cognitive and Behavioral Psychology is an outstanding graduate institution dedicated to advancing scholastic research and providing quality graduate education in the field of psychology in-class and online. The Founding Governors of the school shared a firm belief in the fundamental truths expressed in the analytical psychology originating from the ideas of a celebrated Swiss psychiatrist, Carl Gustav Jung, whose name the school has born most truly and proudly for years. The distinguished faculty of the Cognitive and Behavioral Psychology aims at advancing the theoretical orientations of Carl Gustav Jung, his students and other thinkers who followed his tradition of analytical excellence.

We offer both, Master of Science (M.S.) and doctoral degree programs. The Cognitive and Behavioral Psychology is one of few schools nationally that offer the two rare and coveted doctoral degrees in the field of psychology ‑ Ph.D. in Analytical Psychology and Psy.D. in Analytical Psychology. Our curricula are balanced between theory and practice. Therefore many graduates of the Cognitive and Behavioral Psychology successfully employ their knowledge both, in practical, as well as in academic fields.

Graduate students of the Cognitive and Behavioral Psychology learn the discipline of psychology from its origins to the cutting edge modern researches. Our goal is to create well-informed specialists in different fields of the broad discipline of psychology, who are well aware of the fundamental truths, as well as some erroneous mistakes expressed in experimental theories of the past. By combining the laborious curricula in history of psychology with the rigorous learning of various research methods and designs, data analyses, and teaching skills, we strive to develop pioneering theorists and leading practitioners in different areas of this captivating and dynamic science that endeavors to explore, often times mysterious, human mind and psyche.

The Cognitive and Behavioral Psychology offers more than just the traditional online experience. It combines in-class seminars and examinations with online guidance. It provides the graduate students with valuable extra-curricular opportunities to exchange ideas with the established psychologists, psychiatrists and prominent scholars, participate in ethics and moral debates, take part in international joint studies, and attend the ESAP ‑ the European Study Abroad Program of Georgian International University which gives our students unique opportunities to study, as well as teach in Europe, and receive full certifications and dual degrees from premier European academic institutions.