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The Solon School of Justice Doctoral

J.S.D. Program

The Solon School of Justice is one of the few schools nationally that offer the rare and coveted doctoral degree in Law ‑ Doctor of the Science of Law, also referred to as Doctor of Juridical Sciences (J.S.D.). J.S.D. is primarily a research doctorate and the highest degree in the law. The Doctor of Science of Law program of the Solon School of Justice is a rare scholastic opportunity offered only to the exceptional graduates of LL.M. or J.D. programs of the premier law schools. Successful candidates for our J.S.D. program have achieved highest standing in taking LL.M. or J.D. degrees and demonstrate exceptionally strong propensity for contributing to legal theory and performing advanced scholastic research.

The Solon School of Justice is committed to viewing the study of law and juridical sciences from historical, global and holistic perspectives: we put emphases, on the one hand, on modern justice systems and the Anglo-Saxon legal theory, and, on the other hand, on the Christian Canon, the moral law, Solon’s constitutional reforms of antiquity, and the ancient Iberian tradition of jurisprudence.

The European Study Abroad Program (ESAP) is mandatory for all J.S.D. candidates. It gives our future legal theorists unique opportunities to study, as well as teach in Europe and receive full certification and a dual degree from a premier European academic institution.


We admit Doctor of the Science of Law (J.S.D.) students on exceptional and highly competitive bases. Admission for candidacy in the J.S.D. program is a highly competitive and selective process. The final decision of admission rests entirely on the Graduate Committee’s discretion and its independent judgment.

Curriculum & Tuition*

*Tuition is based on credit hours and is calculated as $500.00 per credit hour

Principle Course Credits Cost
JSD 890 The Original Purpose of the Law – Advanced 4 $2000.00
JSD 892 The Law and Economics – Advanced 4 $2000.00
JSD 895 Moral Aspects of the Law – Advanced 4 $2000.00
JSD 820 Law of Armed Conflict 4 $2000.00
JSD 840 Foreign Relations Law 4 $2000.00
JSD 845 International Human Rights Law 4 $2000.00
JSD 850 The WTO Studies 4 $2000.00
JSD 875 Intelligence Law 4 $2000.00
JSD 880 National Security Investigation and Procedures 4 $2000.00
Dissertation Credits Cost
Proposal: APA style, 5 pages minimum 4 $2000.00
Dissertation: APA style, 50 pages minimum Ph.D. 2 Dissertation, APA Style, 30 pages 4 $2000.00
Total Credits & Tuition Cost 44 $22,000.00