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The Academy of Iberian Philosophy

Doctor of Eastern Philosophy


The Academy of Iberian Philosophy’s doctoral (Ph.D.) program in Eastern philosophy provides a greater degree of focus on Eastern thought compared to more general post-graduate programs in philosophies which other universities offer. Our program places emphases on the following sub-fields of the discipline of Eastern philosophy: Confucianism, Taoism, the Avesta, and Philosophy of the Indian Subcontinent. In addition to Eastern philosophies, the candidates will be required to take several courses in Western philosophies, as these have influenced Eastern thought to a great extent


Students who complete eight courses, but do not finish the entire curriculum in order to meet graduation requirements for the Ph.D. degree, and decide to drop out of the program, nevertheless will be awarded a Doctoral Certificate instead.


Typically the first year of the candidacy is spent in advancing knowledge in general theories of the discipline and its different subfields. Upon finishing the coursework, at the end of the second year, the candidate usually enters the research stage, which involves studying additional literature, preparing the dissertation proposal, and writing the dissertation. The candidate is guided by the Curator, who is a full member of the faculty and the Graduate Committee, and serves as the academic and dissertation advisor to the candidate. Typically at the end of the second year the candidate submits the proposal. The Ph.D. student should successfully propose, submit, and defend the doctoral dissertation under the supervision of the Graduate Committee.


The Academy of Iberian Philosophy offers more than just the traditional online experience. It combines in-class seminars and examinations with online guidance. It provides our graduate students with valuable extracurricular opportunities to exchange ideas with renowned philosophers, participate in moral debates, and attend the ESAP the European Study Abroad Program of Georgian International University which gives our students unique opportunities to study, as well as teach in Europe, and receive full certifications and dual degrees from premier European academic institutions. Attending the ESAP is not mandatory for this program, but it is highly recommended. This will allow the candidates to become closely acquainted with international academic and philosophical cultures, people and unique philosophies, traditions and viewpoints of different nations and civilizations.


*Tuition is based on credit hours and is calculated as $US 200.00 per credit hour

Principle Course Credits
PHI 705 Antiquity: Socrates and Plato 4
PHI 628 Greek Pragmatism: Aristotle 4
PHI 690 Roman Pragmatism: Cicero 4
PHI 680 Theocratic Philosophy: St. Augustine 4
PHI 642 Ibn Rushd: Averroes 4
PHI 695 Humanism: Henry David Thoreau and John Brown 4
PHI 627 Confucianism: Confucius 4
PHI 625 Roman Moral and Political Philosophy: Aurelius 4
THEO 720 St. John Chrisostom 4
PHI 609 Taoism 4
PHI 647 The Hitopadesha 4
PHI 648 The Upanishads 4
PHI 685 Boethius 4
PHI 641 The Panchatantra 4
PHI 624 Alexandrian School of Philosophy: Origen 4
PHI 670 Literature 5: Rustvelology 4
PHI 805 History of Economic Thought 2: F. A. Hayek 4
PHI 675 Literature 6: Persian 1 4
PHI 657 Literature 3: Aesop – Allegory 4
PHI 800 History of Economic Thought 1: Milton Friedman 4
PHI 805 History of Economic Thought 2: Hayek 4
PHI 810 History of Economic Thought 3: Bastiat 4
PHI 815 History of Economic Thought 4: A Multinational Compendium 4
PHI 645 The Avesta 4
TPHI 649 Al-Farabi 4
PHI 605 Asian Political Theory: Sun Tzu 4
PHI 620 Anatolian Thought: Pseudo-Dionysius the Areopagite 4
THEO 895 Cappadocian Fathers: St. Basil the Great 4
Dissertation Credits
PHI 001 Proposal, APA Style, 2 pages 4
PHI 002 Dissertation, APA Style, 50 pages 4
Total Credits & Tuition Cost 120 $24,000.00


We admit graduate students on a quarterly basis. We welcome international students, as well as transfer students of good academic standing into our graduate programs.


  1. A transcript(s) with undergraduate GPA of 3.0, or instead a Graduate Record Exam (GRE) test score of 550 on the verbal and 600 on the quantitative portion. In some cases Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) may be also acceptable.
  2. Two Letters of Recommendation from the school(s) previously attended.
  3. TOEFL score for international students.


9 Philosophy (graduate) Credits
3 Literature (graduate) Credits

Prior undergraduate or graduate courses in which a grade of B- or higher was attained can be used to meet the prerequisites of the program. Areas in which the student does not have prior coursework can have the necessary requirements met by taking the following foundation courses at Georgian International University:

PHI 415 – History of Economic Thought 5: Thomas Sowell
PHI 416 – History of Economic Thought 6: Ludwig von Mises
PHI 550 – Roman Political Philosophy: Cicero
ENG 520 – American Hagiography

Truly exceptional applicants, who do not meet the enrollment requirements, still may be considered for the program. They must be interviewed in person and evaluated by the Graduate Committee. Taking additional prerequisite courses will be a part of the provisional admission. Prospective applicants must take under consideration that the university rarely makes such exceptions.