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The School of Cognitive and Behavioral Psychology MS

MS in Behavioral Modification Psychology

I Abnormal Psychology

Course Overview: Identifying psychological issues.
Required Text: Abnormal Psychology by Sarah Sifers 2006, Collins Publishers ISBN-13: 9780060881450

II General Psychology

Course Overview: An overview of psychology in general.
Required Text: Psychology by Douglas A. Bernstein 2015 Cengage Learning ISBN-13 9781305629875

III A.P.A./Ethics Lab

Course Overview: Legal and ethical paper in A.P.A. style (to learn A.P.A. format while learning about trends in the late ethical issues.

VI Social Problems

Course Overview: An overview of todays’ many social issues.
Required Text: Social Problems: Community. Policy and Social Action 2015 Sage Publications Inc. ISBN-13 9781483369372

V Industrial and Organizational Psychology

Course Overview: Addresses Modern work related issues like, cultural diversity, downsizing, layoffs, Etc.
Required Text: Psychology Applied to Work: An Introduction to Industrial and Organizational Psychology by Paul M. Muchinsky 2006 Wadsworth Publishing Company ISBN-13 9780495006817

VI LAB Anxiety and Panic

Course Overview: A.P.A. style paper on stopping obsessive thoughts.

VII Human Resources

Course Overview: “Hiring in good times and bad” learning basic human resources.
Required Text: Hiring in Good Times and Bad: A Comprehensive Guide to Entry Level Staffing by Scott McTaque 2001, Quorum Books ISBN-13 9781567204414

XIII Counseling Psychology

Course Overview: Learning fundamentals of counseling and practical applications.
Required Text: Foundations of Clinical and Counseling psychology by Judith Todd, Arthur C. Bohart 1195 Harper Collins Publishers ISBN-13 9780065006636

IX Group Therapy

Course Overview: Learning how to apply group therapy.
Required Text: The Living Stage: A Step by Step Guide to Psychodrama, Sociometry and Experimental Group Therapy by Tiam Dayton PhD, Zerka Moreno 2201, Health Communications ISBN-13 9780757302121


Course Overview: A.P.A. paper on O.C.D. and E.M.D.R. treatment techniques.

XI Cultural Anthropology

Course Overview: Dealing with the ever-growing connected world.
Required Text: Cultural Anthropology, Appreciating Cultural Diversity 2012, McGraw Hill, Higher Education ISBN-13 9780078035005

XII Addiction

Course Overview: A collection of strategies for dealing with addiction.
Required Text: Foundations of Addiction Counseling by David Capuzzi, Mark Stauffer 2007, Ally & Bacon ISBN-13 9780205483129

XIII Rational Emotive Therapy

Course Overview: Changing one’s perspective to dealing with verbal abuse.
Required Text: Secret of Overcoming Verbal Abuse: Getting off the Emotional Rollercoaster and Regaining Control of Your Life 2000, Wilshire Book Company ISBN-13 9780879804459

XIV Cognitive Behavioral Lab

Course Overview: Paper on “What is C.B.T. and how it works”.

XV Employee Assistance Therapy

Course Overview: E.A.P. is a go between for employee and employer to help protect the employee and employer.
Required Text: Employee Assistance Programs; Theory and Practice for Counseling in the Workplace by John Berridge, Sir Cary L. Cooper, Carolyn Highly, Marc Nington 1997, Wiley ISBN-13 9780471978057

XVI Special Needs

Course Overview: Residential treatment strategies for youth.
Required Text: Teen Residential Treatment Programs by Judeen Bartos 2013, Green Haven Press ISBN-13 9780737761504